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Our automotive business is one of the later companies to enter this business in Nepal but has left an indelible mark on the industry and has lead a change of how automobiles business was done in Nepal. 

Today, we are one of Nepal’s top 5 automotive firms.  

We have developed global infrastructure, high customer satisfaction and a rock solid network for all the brands we represent and our core philosophy has been to grow market share for the brands we work with and we have a fantastic record of doing so.  

Marketing has been at the core of our business growth. We have continually innovated and brought global practices to Nepal. 

We have also integrated our automobile business backward as we are assembling 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers through the CKD route at our plant in Simara Nepal. 

We also run an NBFC to provide hire-purchase loans to all customers buying the products we distribute across Nepal and can curate the loans as per customer demands. 

We currently represent:


  • Market Share leaders for all brands we work with.
  • A team of 600 people as on date
  • Network of over 200 dealers and over 500 authorized outlets
  • NPS Scores of over 90% consistently. 
  • Our in-house logistics company carrying our all domestic transportation 
  • A solid backend and CRM from SAP using which we are connecting OEM’s with us, our dealers and our customers.