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Our Steel Business is an embodiment of leadership, one without boundaries - growing, changing and challenging, a world that embraces different skills, continuous innovation, sustainable growth and a better quality of life. We touch thousands of lives everyday and strive to deliver unparalleled quality through continuous innovation and this is made possible by our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement, through which we drive operational excellence in processes, products and people.

Steel making is at Shanker’s core and we are the only company in Nepal making all kinds of steel, long and flat.

We are structures into different companies making different products and giving different services :

  • Jagdamba Steels - TMT Bar, Pipes, Wires of all Kinds, Corrugated sheet (Galvanized and Colour Coated) Galvaloom Sheets, Billets, Nails
  • Jagdamba Wires - GI Wires and Gabion Boxes 


  • Jagdamba Steels is Nepal’s biggest domestic private sector company in any sector.
  • Nepal’s biggest investor in industry and also the highest tax payer in certain years.
  • Nepal’s No. 1 Steel manufacturer with annual steel making capacity of over 2.5 Million Tons
  • Market share of over 35%
  • ISO 9001 certified 
  • Recycling steel and contributing to the environmental challenges steel making faces. 
  • Nepal’s only steel plant with a pollution optimizer. 
  • Nepal’s first Galvaloom Sheet manufacturer